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Poster Presenters and Book of Abstracts

List without Titles (Poster_Presenters.pdf) and List with Titles (Posters_Tempo.pdf)
Book of Abstracts for Poster Presentations: PosterBookOfAbstracts.pdf

Joint APS-EPL-EPS-Nature Best Statphys26 poster award

Thanks to the sponsors: The American Physical Society (APS), Europhysics Letters (EPL), Statistical & Nonlinear Physics Division of the European Physical Society (EPS) and Nature Physics, there has been 12 poster awards of 200€ each: One award for Topics 1, 3, 4, 7, and two for Topics 2, 5, 6 and 8 which have significantly more posters.  


Winners and judges: from Left to Right: Yamaguchi Hiroki, Yao Li, Rogelio Diaz-Mendez, Bernhard Altaner, Angel Alastuey, Hye Jin Park, Michel Peyrard, Somayeh Shiri, Christian Beck, Debarati Sarkar, Alexandre Morin, Dirk Jan Bukman, Dominik Stäger, Laurens van Kessenich Michiels, Shamik Gupta, Graeme Watt, Lucilla De Arcangelis, Peter Holdsworth, Michikazu Kobayashi.

Altaner Bernhard (University of Luxembourg – Luxembourg). Bernhard_Altaner.pdf
Diaz-Mendez Rogelio (University of Strasbourg – France). Rogelio_Diaz_Mendez.pdf
Gupta Shamik (Max Planck, Dresden – Germany). Shamik_Gupta_1.pdf
Kobayashi Michikazu (Kyoto University – Japan). Michikazu_Kobayashi.pdf
Li Yao (FOM Institute AMOLF – Netherlands). Yao_Li.pdf
Morin Alexandre (ENS de Lyon – France). Alexandre_Morin.pdf
Park Hye Jin (Sungkyunkwan University – South Korea). Hyejin_Park.pdf
Sarkar Debarati (IISER-Bhopal, India). Debarati_Sarkar.pdf
Shiri Somayeh (Monash University – Australia). Somayeh_Shiri.pdf
Stäger Dominik (ETH Zurich – Switzerland). Dominik.Stager.pdf
van Kessenich Michiels Laurens (ETH Zurich – Switzerland). Laurens_Michiels_Van_Kessenich.pdf
Yamaguchi Hiroki (The University of Tokyo – Japan). Hiroki_Yamaguchi.pdf

Panel of judges headed by:
Topic 1: Angel Alastuey (Organizing Committee)
Topic 2: Abigail Klopper (Nature Physics)
Topic 3: Peter Holdsworth (Organizing Committee)
Topic 4: Katherine Thomas (APS)
Topic 5: Lucilla De Arcangelis (IUPAP C3 commission)
Topic 6: Julia Yeomans (IUPAP C3 commission)
Topic 7: Christian Beck (EPS)
Topics 8: Graeme Watt (EPL)


Instructions for Poster Presentations

Dimensions of the poster: 100cm (width) x 240cm (height) (portrait format). Your poster must not exceed these dimensions and must respect this orientation with the longest side along the vertical axis.

There will be three dedicated poster sessions of 1h30 (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) in the middle of the afternoon (15:45-17:15) giving extensive opportunities for scientific discussion.

All the 700 posters will remain in position in the poster hall during the whole week. The hall forms the centre of the conference site. It is large, luminous and airy, providing lots of room for discussion around each presentation. The coffee breaks, with coffee, tea, juice and biscuits will be served in the same area making the poster hall a lively and attractive place to be.


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