Statphys World Cup

The first STATPHYS WORLDCUP took place on july 20, 2016, at the sports facilities of the Lyon 1 University campus! That great event joined together 64 players representing 18 countries, who were distributed in 8 teams according to more or less geographical criteria :

AMERICA (Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Mexico, United States)
ASIA (Australia, France, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Japan)
FRANCE (France)
GALLOROMANA (Belgium, France, Italy)
IBERIA (France, Germany, Portugal, Spain)
ITALIA (Italy)
ICELANDIA (Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden)


The games were rather intense, with a good technical level, and more important played within a friendly and fair-play atmosphere ! Among all the brilliant players, let us give a special mention to Caterina DE BACCO, the sole woman on the ground, who showed remarkable technical and tactical skills.

At the end, the AMERICA team won, by beating the ITALIA team in the final. The members of the winning team were Eduardo Altmann, Frankbelson Azevedo, Ezequiel Ferrero, Arturo Leos-Zamorategui Julian Pena, Gerardo Ruiz-Chavarria, Fernando Santos, Stuart Sevier, Diego Tapias. Congratulations!

Eventually, let us congratulate every participant for being there, and contributing to a wonderful and unforgettable sports afternoon ! We also thank the organizer and football lover Angel Alastuey.

See you in Argentina in 2019, for the second edition!


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