Program (General + Talks)

Conference's Booklet: Statphys26Booklet.pdf

Oral presentations:

List without Titles (Program.pdf) and List with Titles (Talks.pdf)
Book of Abstracts for Oral Presentations: OralBookOfAbstracts.pdf

Agenda: To create your very own STATPHYS agenda on the fly, use the Conference4me smartphone application. The app is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Kindle Fire devices. Visit or type 'conference4me' in Google Play, iTunes App Store, Windows Phone Store or Amazon Appstore.


Oral Presentations:

Contributed presentation (12' talk+2' for questions +1' change of speaker)

Invited presentation (25' talk+4' for questions +1' change of speaker)

Plenary presentation (35' talk+10' for questions)

Presentation slides must be uploaded onto the presentation server in advance. This service will be available in a dedicated preview room during the whole conference. More details will be given soon.



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