In participating in the conference STATPHYS 26, your organization will contribute to the success of the conference, while at the same time optimizing your visibility in this extensive and interdisciplinary community. We are sure that the experience will provide you with innumerable opportunities for making contacts and publicising your products.

The name and logo of your organization will appear on the programme, distributed to all the participants and you will figure as an official contributor on our conference web site https://statphys26.sciencesconf.org/. Your representative will have complete access to all aspects of the conference, including coffee breaks (and even to the morning runs and the Wednesday afternoon football tournament! – see web site) and we will provide one place for the gala diner.



STATPHYS 26 will highlight many aspects of the statistical physics community, bringing together universities, academic, socioeconomic and industrial partners to:

-Promote the transfer of knowledge

-Promote research through innovation

-Encourage partnerships between academia and industry

-Stimulate research motivated by industrial and societal challenges

STATPHYS26 cannot achieve these scientific goals, nor play a role as a motor for the development of the research community, without the active assistance and material support of our partners, academic, industrial and private.

To be a sponsor fill in the following document Sponsor and return it as soon as possible.






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